The Servant Mindset with Guest Tara Oldridge

Tara Oldridge believes that every woman has a powerful, profitable and impactful business inside of them that God has called them to create. She is the creator of Vision to Business, a 2-day workshop for women who have a deep sense they were made for more that helps them find a clear strategy and create a committed action plan so they can finally build an impactful business they love. Host of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “TOP 20 Podcast to listen to in 2020”, (The Smart Woman Show).

Show Notes:

  • The key communication skills – connection, confidence, rigor, presentation, appearance
  • connections and why they are vital for your personal and professional growth
  • Establishing your purpose by aligning your thoughts, words, actions with your calling
  • showing women how to create and grow a profitable business is what she does.
  • Peeling back the layers and getting past old stories that are keeping you stuck
  • Finding your tribe, transition from group to self focus

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