Born an Entrepreneur with Taylor Ryan

Taylor Ryan is a self proclaimed “Start-up Junkie” from the United states who is currently calling Copenhagen, Denmark home. Taylor has spent most of my life working in, co-founding, and consulting for small companies and startups. He specializes in helping companies with B2C, B2B, Mobile Apps, marketing,  digital transformation, consulting, and their corporate innovation.

  • Building blocks we had when we were younger
  • As a “Start-up junkie” Where does your drive and want to be an entrepreneur come from
  • So what prompted the move to Denmark?
  • What is growth hacking?
  • So much of Marketing and story telling – what if I’m not a good story teller?
  • It’s amazing how many businesses still do business by Word of mouth and in some industries door knocking
    • It’s easy to think of innovation in the tech field, but how can the everyday mom and pop take advantage of the internet
  • Mico-Learning
    • What is micro-learning?
  • Team Management
    • I talk a lot about lists and personal management

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