Dose of Caffeine – Fear is a Liar

Now a days we see “We are in this together” pretty much everywhere – and while this is a fun and positive thought, it’s not necessarily the truth.

Here’s the thing, it’s in ourselves to do better, to be better, and to take any necessary steps or action. Our lives are a self journey – we come into this world alone and will leave it alone – not exactly the fuzziest of thoughts, but none the less the truth. No one can take this journey for you, and everyone we meet along the way are scenic views and companions along the way.

So how does this play into our current environment? Well, right now so many members of our society are putting our own growth, life, and journey on hold and are instead coming to a hault because of the notion of fear, hate or panic. But there is something you should know about Fear.

Fear is a liar.  

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