Dose of Caffeine – The Importance of Positivity

Why positivity is crucial and the importance of surrounding yourself with positivity in your lives.

It’s easy these days to surround yourself with negative group think, to get caught up in the new headlines of fear, negativity, pessimism, and doubt.

Group think is an easy thing to fall into these days, as we build lists, groups, pages – we create social media circles of members who all have the same look, ideas, ideals and concerns. While some of this can be good – like if you joined a group a like minded individuals who are there to up lift you, to push you to the next level and to help you and it’s members grow – that can be good.

However, group think can be very dangerous in today’s social media world. We can hide posts we don’t like, hyper focus on ideals that could be out of touch with reality and very quickly find ourselves down a path of negativity.

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