Ep. 8 Guest Ty Riley, Owner The Streetz Dance

This week we sat down with Ty Riley from the Streetz Dance. Ty Riley is a 33 year-old entrepreneur from Texas.  He started his first business at 22 years old and has had the pleasure of still running and growing it to this day. His company is called Streetz Dance Convention and Competition. 

The Streetz dance was build off hard work, dedication and always believing in and being yourself. Their mission is to bring a fun, personable, and inspiring event to areas across the United States. At Streetz, they want to be more than just a dance convention, but a family.  Currently, they have over 20 tour stops across the country which hold anywhere from 500 to 1000 dancers per event.

For me, I focused on – for one, straight hustle – … I would literally travel on my own dollar, I would sleep in my car, I would stay in the cheapest hotels, I would barely eat….

Ty Riley, on growing from grass roots and taking care of the people who were with him.
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